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International Calling Cards

We provide a variety of competitive international call cards for world countries.

  Comica Card (2000yen/3200yen/6800yen)

This card is most advantageous for mobile phone users. It is also cheapest for users who call the Philippines or Brazil from landline phones.

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  MCI Exchange Card (MCI China Card)

High quality of voice. Most ecenomical for landline phone users who make toll-free call for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States.

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  KDDI Super world card (3200 & 1050)

We sell KDDI Super World Card for a discount price.

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  Takara Card

Cheapest for China from fixed phones via toll-free call (7.5yen/minute) Also most economical from public phones in 03,06,052 areas. If you use Yahoo! BB (IP phone), this card is the best choice! It is free to connect to the access point (050).

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  AcTel Card

Specialized for public phone users and customers who call the UK and Bangladesh.

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  Kyusyu Card

Specialized for Kyusyu (09) area customers who use fixed phone or public phone. Access point is in Fukuoka.

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  Gold Chicken (Jinji) Card

Most economical for paid call to China 1.8yen/minure! by YOZAN Corp. Access numbers are available in Tokyo and Osaka.

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  Super Asia (Out od Stock)

Most Economical for mobile phone users who call via toll-free number. This card is cheap for calling Brazil as well as most of Asian countries.

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  Dragon Card

Cheapest via toll-free call for China and other countries.

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  KDDI GoGo Card Out of Stock

Cheap from mobile phones via toll-free call. This card is cheap for China, South Korea, and the Philippines. The same rate applies for mobile phone receivers.

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  Boss3 Out of Stock

This card is very advantagesous for mobile phone users who call China and Asian countries via toll-free number.

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  Laoban2Out of Stock

This card is very advantagesous for landline phone users who call China, U.S., and Europe via toll-free number.

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  Boss1 Out of Stock

This card is economical for Asian countries and Europe.

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Rate Table for China (per minute)
rates for other countries
Nametoll-free from landline phone nationwidenon-free call (nationwide)toll-free from mobile phonetoll-free from public phone
Super Asia8.12.924.8-
MCI Exchange China7.74.829.718.2
Takara Card7.
Dragon Card6.82.63145.6
Phone over IP network
Jinji Card-1.8-17.8
* Buy over 6000 yen, then shipping cost will be free.
* Buy over 25,000 yen, then you will get 10% discount.
* In the case of email delivery, you will get 100 yen discount per card.
     (In the case of over 25000 yen, only 10% discount will be applied.)