Order of International Call Cards (Japanese)

Please specify the number of cards you want to buy. Shipping costs will be free for customers who order cards which cost more than 6,000 yen.
Customers who order cards(except AU CDMA Prepaid Card)over 25,000 yen will get 10% discount. Customers who choose "sending by email" will get 100 yen discount per card (In the case of over 25,000 yen, only 10% discount will be applied).
Key in the below items and push "Order".
Number of Takara (2400 yen)
MCI Exchange China (2670yen)
Feichang 61 (1000yen)
Kyusyu Card (2650yen)
AcTel Card (2700yen)
Panda Card (2400yen)
Your name
Your name in hiragana(optional)
Postal code(7 digits)
Telephone number
Fax number(optional)
Email address
Money transfer method
bank transfer
postal transfer
cash on delivery
Cash on delivery fee: 320 yen
Shipping Cost: 430 yen(FREE if you order 3 or more than 3 cards).
You shall be responsible for the bank and post transfer charge.
If you need only number and PIN, check the box below.
send number and PIN by email.
(you do not need postal fee, but you cannot cancel after receiving a number. You cannot select cash on delivery.)

If you choose postal transfer or bank transfer, we will send card(s)as soon as we confirm money transfer.
In the case of cash on delivery, we will send cards on weekdays as soon as we cofirm your order.