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Mediaring IP Phone (PC to Phone)

What is IP (Internet Protocol) Phone?You can make an international call at your PC connceted with the Internet.

MediaRing PC Phone is a high quality voice service for PC users to make international calls without the elevated cost of providers.   With MediaRing Internet voice processing technologies, MediaRing PC Phone ensures high call clarity that beats most other voice over Internet transmission services.

Our rate is surprisingly cheap. For example, you can call China as long as 16.6 hours(1000 minutes) only for 3,000 yen.
IP Phone terminal
IPˇˇ Phone Terminal
If you use our IP Phone terminal, you can more easily make a phone call and can enjoy much better voice quality. For more details, here.
Charge5000/3000/1000yen (We issue an account number and PIN).
The rates are the same wherever you call. You can call anywhere in the world.

Rates for all countries HERE

OrderBank transfer and postal transfer are available. We will send an account noumber and PIN by email.
Please order here.
How to use:(If you have an account which was issued after December 2004)
Make a phone call here =>

(If you have an account before December 2004) make a phone call here.

Users will need an Intel Pentium and Microsoft Window based PC with Internet access, full duplex sound card, as well as a good speaker and microphone or headset with microphone. Minimum data transmission of 28.8kps is required (Broadband Ineternet access is strongly recommended).

Photograph of a headset (980yen). If you do not use a headset, it may be difficult to hear the sound because the sound of your partner echoes to your partner.