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KDDI Super World Card for Public Phone

discounted price: 2000yen
(3200yen card)

Special volume discount is available (see below.)
What is Super World Card for Public Phone?This card is specialized for public phone users who call China.

You can place international call to China from public phone for 169 minutes with this card.
How to call from public phone:
(1) Call 0055
(2) After signal, input card number.
(3) input 0484000567#
(4) input international phone number starting with country code.
You can also place an international direct dial call to mobile phone or PHS phone in Japan and foreign countries from a public telephone or hotel room in any of over 70 overseas areas.
For calling from fixed phone or mobile phones, please refer to KDDI page.
How to purchaseBank transfer, Postal transfer and cash on delivery by Japan Post are available as payment method. Shipping cost is 430 yen per order, but it is FREE if you order cards which totally cost more than 12,000 yen.
You shall be responsible for the bank transfer and postal transfer charge.
Cash on delivery requires 320yen for delivery charge in addition to shipping cost. Cash will be collected by the postman when delivering the card(s).
You will get 10% discount if you order cards which totally cost more than 25,000 yen.

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