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Super Asia Card (Out of Stock)

We recommend to buy Comica3000 card for Super Asia.

MeritsThis card is most advantageous for mobile phone users who call China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh from landline phone.
Minimum time unit is one minute. One minute access charge will be charged for countries except China.
This card is good before March 31, 2008.
Duration (minutes)
Rate per minute (yen)
How to make a call
1. First call one of the following numbers.

  From landline phone, call¡¡  0120-923-855(toll free) or 03-4570-9212

  From mobile phone, call   00324795 (toll free)

  From 03/052/06 public phone, call   0120-923-855 (toll free)

  From public phone (other areas), call¡¡  03-4570-9212

    Domestic call
      0032479 + area code (remove 0)+ phone number
    Domestic call (Non-notification telephone call)
      0032479 + 81 + area code (remove 0)+ phone number

2. Input card number + #

3. Select a language only for the first time of use.
  (1.Japanese, 2.Korean, 3.Chinese, 4.English)

4. (for overseas call) Dial country code + area code + phone number. (Remove the first 0 from area code)   To register your phone number, press * after #.
How to purchaseBank transfer, Postal transfer and cash on delivery by Japan Post are available as payment method. Shipping cost is 430 yen per order, but it is FREE if you order cards which totally cost more than 6,000 yen.
You shall be responsible for the bank transfer and postal transfer charge.
Cash on delivery requires 320yen for delivery charge in addition to shipping cost. Cash will be collected by the postman when delivering the card(s).
You will get 10% discount if you order cards which totally cost more than 25,000 yen.

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