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Membership International Call for China
(Out of Service)
We are very sorry, but new application for this service is not available at the moment.

What is membership international call?You can make an international call at your phones whose phone numbers are registered.
First call an access number in Tokyo, then dial the phone number for an international call. You do not need to key in a PIN. You can register two or more your phone numbers including any type of phones such as home phone, mobile phone, and PHS except old dial telephones.

RecommendationThis service is most suitable for office or home phones where they often make an international call.

PriceRate per minute: China (landline & mobile phone)
5.0 Yen
Note that you are paid for local or long-distance call for Tokyo area (normally 3-8 yen/min). There are four charge plans: 3,000yen, 5,000yen, 10,000yen, and 15,000yen.

How to submit:Email, fax, or call us and let us know your name, phone number(s), and home address. We will register your phone number(s) as soon as we receive your money transfer. You can order here .

How to call:Call 186-03-5909-74XX (If your phone number is open, just call 03-5909-74XX), then call country number + local number + their phone number + # (if necessary, set to tone signal).