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A variety of cards for fixed phone, mobile phone, and public phone, are available.
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International calling card
(prepaid card)

  • International calling cards for customers who call from Japan, including MCI Card, KDDI Super World Card, Gloden Chicken Card and others.
  • 10% discount for over 25000 yen purchase of these cards.
  • No postal fee for over 6000 yen purchase.
  • If you wish to buy more than 20 cards, plase contact us. You will get lower prices.
  • 100 yen discount per a card and postal fee exemption for customers who receive the ID number via email.
  • We provide best rates for world countries, including China, Hong Kong, The Phillipines, U.S, U.K, Bangladesh, Brazil, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • See the rate table by country =>Table for cheapest cards by country
  • Paypal / credit card

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    Cheapest cards
    IP Phone
    (PC to Phone)

  • You can call a foreign country via a broadband connected PC.
  • It costs only 3 yen/min to call China. All you need is a PC and a head-set (about 1000 yen).
  • Media Ring Co. based in Singapore provides this service.
  • You can make a phone call even from fixed/mobile phones in China, Taiwan, U.S., Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singopore, and Japan. Please visit here for more details.
  • More information
    IP Phone Terminal
  • If you use the above PC to Phone (Mediaring IP Phone) over the IP phone terminal instead of a PC, the connection quality will be improved and it will be more convenient to make a call. You can enjoy better voice quality. Also, note that it costs only 1 yen/min to call between the terminals. Your company can make the cheapest international call if you implement the terminals in your branches.
  • You can recharge your account (Minimum unit is 1000 yen.)
  • More information

    International calling cards (prepaid cards)

    Sakura Card
    This card is cheapest for users who call Thailand, India, and Bangladesh.

    Halo Card
    This card is cheapest for users who call Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

    GoGo Card 2400
    This card is cheapest for mobile phone users who call China, Hong Kong, India, Brazil and other countries.

    Comica Card
    This card is most advantageous for mobile phone users. It is also cheapest for users who call the Philippines or Brazil from landline phones.

    Takara card
    (2700 yen)
    Most economical for China from landline phones via toll free call. 7.2 yen/min. (in the case of email delivery)

    KDDI Super World Card
    (950 yen/2430 yen)
    This card has been most popular in Japan for a long time. You can make a phone call to Japan from overseas as well as call from Japan.PurchaseMore information

    NTT Chuka Card(3100 Yen)Cheapest for China from fixed phones via toll free call. 4.3 yen/min.PurchaseMore informationRate table

    KDDI GoGo card Out of Stock
    (3700 yen)
    Most prestigious telcom company KDDI provides the best card from mobile phone. 21 yen/min for China via toll free call. Also cheapest for Thailand and Korea via mobile phones.PurchaseMore informationRate table

    Laoban 2 Card Out of Stock
    (2400 yen)
    Best from landline phones to call China. 2400 yen. You can call China for 660 minutes. 3.6 yen/min .PurchaseMore informationRate table

    BOSS 3 card Out of Stock
    (2800 yen)
    Best from mobile phones & public phones via toll free call. 27.5 yen/min for China via toll free call on the mobile phone. This card is also best for Thailand and other Asian countries. Good voice quality.PurchaseMore informationRate table

    Junma card Out of Stock(Out of Sale)
    6.9 yen/min (in the case of email delivery)
    PurchaseMore informationRate table

    Notice:    Don't believe some "cheap" cards of other companies. You cannot use the card for the termed duration time. We have found a lot of cheating cards.

    Membership international phone for China
    (Out of Service)
    ♦ You can call an international call from a landline or mobile phone whose number is registered for this service.
    ♦ 5.0 yen/min for China.
    ♦ Best for the office who wish to call an international call without entering an ID number.
    More information

    Domestic phone service
    7.5 yen/3mins (out of service)More information

    New landline serice Heisei Denden (CHOKKA)
    Cheaper landline service than NTT's. (out of service)More information
    Cheapest 12Mbps ADSL service1250 yen/month (out of service)More information
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